Chiropractor Glastonbury Ct

Chiropractor Glastonbury Ct

5 Signs You Need A Spinal Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is one of the routine health practices that you should take more seriously. Spinal care is an important aspect of living a healthy, fully functional life. If you have been feeling constant aches, pains and discomfort along your spinal area and other parts of your body then a spinal adjustment may be what you need.

When your spine is well aligned, and you live an active life, you will rarely feel pains. If your spine is out of position, however, you will constantly feel pains even with an active life. In fact, exercising or performing other strenuous activities on a poorly adjusted spine will cause more harm than good in the long run.

Why is Important To Have Routine Spinal Adjustment

Routine chiropractic adjustments including spinal adjustments can help treat several ailments including headaches, high blood pressure, low back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, ear infections, and neurological disorders. Spinal adjustments can also help prevent the development of a more serious condition needing surgery. It reduces stress, and help promote general wellbeing.

Signs Your Body Needs A Spinal Adjustment

1.) Chronic Aches and Pains

If you consistently experience chronic aches and pains, then it might be time to visit a chiropractor in Glastonbury CT for a spinal adjustment. Avoid taking painkillers to maintain the pain, rather go for a chiropractic checkup. You might wonder if it's better to see a physician or orthopedic specialist, but according to a research, patients who saw chiropractors for their care were more satisfied with the cost and quality of care.

2. Acute Sharp Pains

Sometimes you may not experience constant pains but occasional sharp pains that come in between activities. You might be walking or sitting and experience a sharp pain on the side or a shin splint. This pain is a clear indication that all isn't well with your body. A spinal adjustment will help move tendons, muscles, and ligaments to the right position.

3.) Frequent Headaches

Headaches can be a symptom of various problems like bad diet, reaction to medication, and vascular difficulties. If you, however, experience constant migraine headaches and tension around your head and neck, then it could be a sign that the muscle around your neck and back need an adjustment.

4.) You Have An Active Lifestyle

Being physically active is great for the body, but at the same time can expose you to muscle strain. Physically fit people can benefit a lot from consulting a chiropractor in Glastonbury CT. Not only will a chiropractor help you strengthen your back muscles, but it will also keep your spine well aligned to prevent injury.

5.) You Have An Inactive Life

If your job or lifestyle involves sitting in on position for long periods, then you are more likely to develop a neuromuscular disorder. This is because sitting for long without stretching weakens the spine as well as the abdominal and back muscles. Sitting also affects posture and can damage body joints. As a rule, cut your sitting time to as minimal and possible, and routinely visit a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment and muscle strengthening.

If you continue to move your body when it is not aligned properly, you will only make any potential injury worse. Visit a chiropractor in Glastonbury CT today for a checkup.



Chiropractor Glastonbury Ct
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Chiropractor Glastonbury Ct Chiropractor Glastonbury Ct

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