Chiropractor Rocky Hill Ct

Chiropractor Rocky Hill Ct

How Can A Chiropractor In Rocky Hill CT Help You?

There are many misconceptions about chiropractic practices. Many people assume that a chiropractor in Rocky Hill CT can only help with neck and back pain. While a chiropractor in Rocky Hill CT can treat that type of pain, there are many other things they can do to your benefit. Chiropractic medicine mainly focuses on problems with the nervous and musculoskeletal and systems (how they affect the entire body). This practice has gained acclaim in recent years as a good option for a range of issues.

Take the below stats as an example;

Among the people seeking effective back and other types of pain relief alternatives, majority opt for chiropractic treatment. An average of 22 million people visit chiropractors annually in the United States alone. Of these numbers, 7.7 million, or 35 percent, are seeking relief for back pain from different causes, including sports injuries, auto accidents, and muscle strains. While the remaining numbers complain about pain in the arms, neck, legs, and headaches.

Although a chiropractor in Rocky Hill CT can help with many symptoms and problems, some things are best left for Medical doctors to handle. However, this article addresses several other problems that a chiropractor can help you with.

Pregnancy Pain

Pains and aches are part of pregnancy, and improper pelvic alignment often is the reason for the sciatica and lower-back pain felt during pregnancy. The pain treatment options open to expecting mothers are extremely limited. Most of these treatments, including use of pain medications and surgery, may have negative effects on the fetus, which is why pregnant women usually turn to chiropractic treatment. While there is little research on pregnancy and chiropractic treatment, one study found that chiropractic care decreases the occurrence of back labor (severe back pain during labor, due to the position of the baby). Another study discovered that 75 percent of pregnant women who received chiropractic treatment reported relief from aches and pains.

Blood Pressure Issues

Note that we are not saying you should discontinue your blood pressure medications or give up on healthy lifestyle habits, but a number of studies suggest that trying out chiropractic treatment with your doctors consent may be worthwhile. A study by the University of Chicago study found that 50 people who have high blood pressure with a misaligned vertebra after a chiropractic session, had a balanced blood pressure. The drop in BP was equal to using two BP meds at once.

Digestive Problems

Herniated discs can cause stomach issues. According to a certain study recorded in the International Surgery journal, in 27 people with chronic abdominal pain nearly 66% where found to suffer thoracic disc herniation. Two-thirds of the patients who had a herniated disc had been diagnosed with IBS in the past. Herniated discs are not the only spinal problem that can cause digestive issues. If the thoracic vertebrae is out of alignment, the nerves will send erratic impulses to the digestive system and stomach, which in turn leads to issues like heartburn, bloating, and gas. Ensuring the thoracic spine is free from any form of nerve interference ensures digestive healing and maintains optimal stomach function.


Chiropractor Rocky Hill Ct
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Chiropractor Rocky Hill Ct Chiropractor Rocky Hill Ct

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